Ms Lola

MS Lola was fearless, confident and could adapt to anything or anybody you put in her life. She was my ride or die chick who taught me how to love and care for something other than myself.

She was a rescue, a 12lb Mini Penny who thought she was a 75 lb. Doberman Pincher. She was 17 ½ years old and with me for 16 of those years. 

The first night I brought her home years ago I made her a promise. This was her forever home and I would be with her until the end. On July 15th, 2021, I fulfilled that promise as she passed peacefully away in my arms.

Nordia, Hustler and I are going to miss you like crazy Lola. The house feels so silent without you here. I have comfort in knowing that you have no more pain and can see and hear again. Run and play Ms. Lola until I meet you at the rainbow bridge.